New server location! (Where to find us)

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New server location! (Where to find us)

Postby Sirfy » Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:18 pm

Cafe of Broken Dreams
(Or you can simply add


I'm sure some of you have noticed that the -FAP- server was down. Or maybe that the website's server information was...not FAP anymore. To give the rundown, the server subscription ran out and we were sort of stuck on what to do about things from this point on.
With the server activity (or lack of) no one really saw fit, or wanted to, purchase or renew the server.

Server activity was hard to come by, even when we made events to try and populate it for a few hours. It wasn't looking good for the future of FAP or the community. Really, Valve is to blame more than anything with how shoddy they've handled and implemented things over the last year.
I wasn't going to give up though!

I talked with Doc, who owns the Cafe server, to simply ask if we could invade his server (which sits empty most of the time) whenever we wanted to get the community together for a few rounds. I told him of our situation and he made an offer:
Since his server and community was pretty much dead (everyone either uninstalled or moved on from TF2, but his server machine still runs other games for his community) that he would let us use his server as our new home. He wanted to get some use out of his dead server and was more than happy to let another group use it.

Jager, BitPurity, and myself got together with Doc to further discuss the finer details. (I did discuss this with a couple other members first, to get the okay.) Turns out the Cafe was already largely ran much like FAP.
***Doc volunteered to revamp his plugins to match what FAP had (since they were pretty much the same)
***Add FAPpers as admins
***Transfer our ban list to his server
***Add in most of the maps we had (yes, we still have Toyfort!)
***Even added our FoFAP group name and forum url in his server MOTD

Some stipulations still remained that he wanted to keep that we were not going to argue against.
***The name stays as the Cafe, no exceptions.
***He strongly wanted to keep the pregame mayhem plugin on the server. It's fun and many of us enjoyed it, so there's no arguing that one.
(For those who don't know, pregame mayhem is at the start of every map, when it says "waiting for players" it is extended to about a minute while players join, and friendlyfire is turned on. For funsies!)
And playing by their community's "rules" was never an issue in discussion, since they ran their server exactly like we did as far as the sprays, spamming, etc.

And that's pretty much it! It may not be called the FAP server anymore, but it still feels like home when we did a testing event. Doc was nice enough to voluntarily let us use his server as our home.
Maybe we can use this as an opportunity to bring the community back together. Find ways to revamp FAP and the community!

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