Un Ban Req

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Un Ban Req

Postby Jemmy » Thu Feb 11, 2016 1:54 am


Wasn't sure where to post this so please be understanding. I was banned from FAP about 2 years ago? (Aunt Jemima). Quite frankly I had a bad attitude at time towards some of the admins and I was wrong. Since then I have found another TF2 home server, got some shit strightened out. I would like to apologize for my behaviour leading up to my ban. I literally still love and play with some of you guys on occasion. I dont' know the process for requesting an un ban, but I'd like to be able to play with you guys again. I probably wont be playing constantly on the serve, but I'd like to shoot the shit and frag some friends. What are my options? I know what my mistakes were and I have learned some lessons over the years. I'm not looking to cause any drama and hold no beef. Just wanna frag with my buds on FAP.

Please consider my request and let me know.

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